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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Protected By A Warranty

Certified pre-owned Kia vehicles offer many different benefits.  However, the impressive warranty that certified pre-owned Kia vehicles offer may be the biggest draw.  The 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty that protects the vehicle when it is new is still in effect on a certified pre-owned Kia vehicle.  This means that each certified pre-owned Kia vehicle has at least five years or 40,000 miles worth of powertrain coverage left on its warranty.  For many vehicles, the length of the powertrain coverage will actually be longer. It depends on the model year and the mileage of the vehicle. This powertrain coverage is a big deal because the powertrain includes the most important components of the Kia vehicle, such as the engine and the transmission.  Not only is the powertrain the most important system, it's components are often the most expensive to fix.  Many manufacturers offer a powertrain warranty, but Kia distinguishes their certified pre-owned vehicles by also offering Platinum Coverage for 12,000 miles or one year. 








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Certified Pre-Owned at Ken Ganley

On a budget? Consider certified pre-owned Kia vehicles. These vehicles offer convenience and comfortability without compromising on quality. Certified pre-owned Kia vehicles also offer many other benefits. These vehicles are affordable, yet they are protected with a warranty from the manufacturer. They have also been reconditioned into perfect shape by our certified Kia technicians at our authorized service center. Read on to learn more about the certified pre-owned vehicles that we offer at our dealership.

Selecting Candidates For Certified Pre-Owned Status

Most used Kia vehicles cannot even be considered for certified pre-owned status. To be considered for certified pre-owned status, a Kia vehicle must have less than 60,000 miles on the clock and it must be from the last five model years. Only if a pre-owned Kia vehicle meets these criteria can it move on to the next step in the process? The next step in the process is reconditioning it into perfect working order by our highly-trained Kia technicians.

Our Certified Technicians Restore These Vehicles To Mint Condition

When a Kia vehicle has been lucky enough to be selected to become a certified pre-owned vehicle, our technicians give it a very thorough 164-point inspection. This inspection will reveal any and all flaws in the vehicle. At this point, the actual reconditioning begins. Specially-trained Kia technicians will use manufacturer-authorized parts to restore the prospective certified pre-owned vehicle into perfect shape. Only when the vehicle is in perfect working order can it receive its certification and officially become a certified pre-owned vehicle.


Our Certified Kia Service Center Can Work On Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

As with all automotive warranties, you have to go to a service center certified by the manufacturer to get work that is covered by the warranty. This is done so that manufacturers know that you are getting high-quality work from specially trained technicians using manufacturer-authorized parts. We are proud to have a certified Kia service center at our dealership. That means that when you get a certified pre-owned Kia vehicle from us, you can just come back to us whenever your vehicle needs work that will be covered under the warranty. Our specially-trained Kia automotive technicians will use the proper Kia-authorized parts to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect working order. Work at an independent shop will not be covered by your certified pre-owned Kia vehicle's warranty because there is no way to guarantee the quality of the work that may be performed by these untrained mechanics, who may use cheap aftermarket parts. We have a higher standard at our certified Kia service center.


Check Out The Certified Pre-Owned Inventory At Ken Ganley Kia Of Medina

If you're interested in getting your own certified pre-owned Kia vehicle, you can check out our impressive inventory. We have one of the widest selections of certified pre-owned Kia vehicles in the region. You can take a look at the inventory on our website or simply come in and look at our certified pre-owned inventory in person. You can even schedule an appointment for a test drive to make it easier for you to find the certified pre-owned Kia vehicle of your dreams at our dealership. 


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